Global Ecologic has a broad experience base in sustainability metrics and biophysical accounting services, with an emphasis on food supply chain management. We have researched numerous agricultural crop, animal husbandry, fisheries and aquaculture production, processing and distribution chains, and worked closely with a variety of small and large organizations to further their sustainability initiatives both at home and abroad. Examples of completed projects include:


  • Conducted an industry-wide life cycle assessment of US production supply chains in 2010 compared to 1960 for the American Egg Board, United Egg Producers, and the Egg Industry Centre


  • Contributed to the development of the Canadian national nitrogen budget in cooperation with Environment Canada and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada


  • Created activity data management templates for calculating and reporting Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 1 and 2 emissions for a major feed milling company


  • Contributed to the development of a supply chain greenhouse gas accounting tool and profiled multiple agricultural, fisheries and animal husbandry product supply chains for a major international aquafeeds company to facilitate least-environmental-cost feed sourcing


  • Contributed to the development of a supply chain greenhouse gas accounting tool for SeaFish Industry Authority (UK) for profiling high-volume seafood supply chains


  • Contributed to a comprehensive report on opportunities and constraints to sustainable aquaculture development commissioned by the US Marine Aquaculture Task Force


  • Provided life cycle impact assessment data and advice to support strategic decision making for environmentally preferable product packaging for a microbrewery


  • Conducted exhaustive literature review and provided updated food product greenhouse gas intensity data to Bon Appetit Management Foundation Company (a non-profit subsidiary of Compass Food Service, the world’s largest food service provider), to be used in educating their institutional chefs as well as their on-line food product GHG calculator as part of the Low Carbon Diet Initiative