Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is an ISO-standardized environmental accounting framework used to:

(1) produce an inventory of the material and energy inputs and outputs characteristic of each supply chain stage of a product or service life cycle and

(2) quantify the contributions of these inventory flows to a suite of resource and emissions-related environmental impact categories.

Social Life Cycle Assessment focuses on the social and socio-economic impacts of production and consumption on workers, local communities, consumers, society, and other supply chain actors.
LCA has emerged as the premiere accounting framework used by both business and government for sustainability measurement and reporting. Global Ecologic has extensive experience in life cycle assessments of food production, processing, and distribution systems, as well as other industrial applications. Global Ecologic provides tailored screening-level and full enviornmental and social LCA studies, reviews, tools and data. Example applications include:
  • supply chain "hot spot" analysis to support targeted mitigation efforts to reduce environmental impacts and minimize social risk
  • comprehensive LCA studies of product suppy chains and organizations
  • peer-review of LCA studies for ISO-14044 compliance or compliance with other existing LCA-based norms (e.g. PAS-2050, Greenhouse Gas Protocol, BP X30-323, ILCD, European Commission PEF and OEF)
  • LCA-based tools for supply chain management
  • LCI data sets